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About Cañas


"El canton de la amistad", is found in the northwest part of Costa Rica, in the Guanacaste province, at the geographic coordinates given as 10 degrees 27 minutes and 04 seconds latitude north and 85 degrees 06 minutes and 06 seconds longitude west. The maximum width is 61 kms, from 4400 mts. west of the top of the hill of Montezuma to 2500 mts south of the dock at the Tempisque Ferry. The total area is about 682.2 square kms.


The Corobici Indians were the original inhabitantes of the area now occupied by the township. They settled between the Lajas and Tenorio Rivers during the precolombian epoch. In the year 1522, ... Read more

More information about Guanacaste Province
More Information about Cantón Cañas
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Adventure Tours

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Apartotels, Apartments

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Cabins / Camping

Cabinas Corobicí Tel. (506) 2669 0241
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Clinics, Hospitals, Health

Clínica Calderón Tel. (506) 2669 1726
Clínica Dental Montero Tel.(506) 2668 9374
Farmacia Don Gerardo Tel. (506) 2669 0748
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Disco, Dance

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Domestic Flights

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Universidad Latina Tel. (506) 2207 7222
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Firemen, Bomberos
Tourist Police
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Garages, Workshops

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Hotel Cañas  Pictures
Hotel Hacienda La Pacífica  Pictures
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Google Map
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Massage, Yoga, Spa, Beauty, Fittness

Pelucería German Tel. (506) 2669 5533
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National Parks, Reserves, Organisations

Click on the conservation district for more information!
Costa Rica Conservation Districts Guanacaste Conservation District Huetar-North Conservation District Arenal Tilarán Conservation District Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation District Tempisque Conservation District Central Pacific Conservation District Friendship Conservation District Tortuguero Conservation District Frienship Conservation District Osa Conservation District Coco Island Conservation District

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Products and Services

Abogado Notario Lic. Herman Apuy Chen Tel. (506) 2669 0102, 8819 4437
Ferretría Técnica Tel. (506) 2669 0601
Furnería Polini Tel. (506) 2669 2100, 2669 2300
Instacredit Tel. (506) 2668 7222
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Real Estate

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Rent a Car

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Restaurante Cocobolo Safaris Corobicí  Pictures
Restaurante Pizzería Tsunami Tel. (506) 2668 7097
Restaurante Yong Xing Tel. (506) 2669 3838
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Shops, Stores

Souvenirs Safari Corobicí  Pictures
Centro Plástico Cañas Tel. (506) 2668 6411
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Tour Operators, Tours

Safaris Corobicí River Tours  Pictures
Centro de Rescate "Las Pumas" Tel. (506) 2669 6019
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