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Ciudad Colón
San José

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The capuchin monkeys are calling you

About Ciudad Colón

Ciudad Colón is a small town situated west of Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Ciudad Colon is the head city of Mora Canton, San José Province. It is famous for its warm climate, proximity to nature and its surrounding mountains, folkloric traditions, horse riding, and multiculturalism.

Located some 6 km out into the hills is the United Nations University for Peace. Over 200 students from all over the world pursue their master's degrees in a wide variety of academic disciplines such as international peace studies ...
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More information about San José
More Information about Mora
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Adventure Tours

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Apartotels, Apartments

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Banco Costa Rica Tel. (506) 2249 0095
Banco Nacional Tel. (506) 2249 2600
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Bar y Restaurante El Establo Tel. (506) 2249 2258
El Buen Precio Tel. (506) 2249 3090
El Chirrije Ciudad Colón Tel. (506) 2416 5363
Los Amigos Tel. (506) 2249 2696
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El Bosque Tel. (506) 2249 4748
La Puriscaleña Tel. (506) 2249 1615
Supercarnes Mora Tel. (506) 2249 4515
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Cabins / Camping

Clinics, Hospitals, Health

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Disco, Dance

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Domestic Flights

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Firemen, Bomberos Tel. (506) 2223 8055
Tourist Police
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Garages, Workshops

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Hotel Villa Colón B&B Tel. +506 8721 7713
Hotel El Marañon B&B Tel. (506) 2249 1761
Hotel Classic B&B 2 Blocks North from Children's Hospital
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Google Map
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Massage, Yoga, Spa, Beauty, Fittness

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National Parks, Reserves, Organisations

Click on the conservation district for more information!
Costa Rica Conservation Districts Guanacaste Conservation District Huetar-North Conservation District Arenal Tilarán Conservation District Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation District Tempisque Conservation District Central Pacific Conservation District Friendship Conservation District Tortuguero Conservation District Frienship Conservation District Osa Conservation District Coco Island Conservation District

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The capuchin monkeys are calling you

Central Street of Ciudad Colon

Feria Orgánica 2015
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Products and Services

AyA Brazil Tel. (506) 2249 1659
AyA Ciudad Colón Tel. (506) 2249 1635
ASADA Guayabo Tel. (506) 2218 5835
Averías CNFL Tel. (506) 1026
Averías Telefónicas Tel. (506) 1119
ICE Tel. (506) 1155
Maderas Monge  Pictures
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Real Estate

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Rent a Car

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Bucaneros Tel. (506) 2249 0404
Colón Tel. (506) 2249 3434
El Bendecido Tel. (506) 2249 3456, 2249 1810
El Establo Tel. (506) 2249 2258
El Trapiche Tel. (506) 2416 8986
La Choza de Johel Tel. (506) 2249 4600
Pizzería Che Pizza Tel. (506) 2249 0909
Restaurante y Marisquería Abarks Tel. (506) 2249 2847
Tipico Sabor a Pueblo Tel. (506) 2249 1342
Villa's Soul Tel. (506) 2249 1854
Zompopa's Tel. (506) 2249 1796, 2249 2190
Zompopilla's Marisquería
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Shops, Stores

Panadería Santa Clara
Tienda S7
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Panaica Tel. (506) 2249 1160
La Troja Tel. (506) 2249 1409
La Ventana Tel. (506) 2249 1615
Los Mangos Tel. (506) 2249 5507
Pizza Park Tel. (506) 2249 1434
Pollo Don Paco Tel. (506) 2249 4754
Pollos Tip-Top Tel. (506) 2249 1280
Q'Mae Soda y Pizza Tel. (506) 2249 3398
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Tour Operators

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