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Playa Jacó Beach

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About Playa Jacó Beach

Jacó is a resort city on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in Central America. Located in the county of Garabito in the Puntarenas province. The city has a population of approximately 10,000 residents. Jacó's beach is 2.5 miles (4 km) long and offers some of the best surfing in Costa Rica. As Jacó lies on the seashore, climate is normally humid, with relative humidity around 80%, reaching 90% in June. Temperature is 85–90 °F (24-32 °C) during the day and 75–80 °F (24-26 °C) at night. During the dry season, away from the water, the temperature may consistently reach 95 °F (35 °C) or above.

Jacó lies in a tropical climate zone mainly defined by distinct dry and wet seasons. Generally speaking, ...
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More information about Puntarenas
More Information about Garabito
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Adventure Tours

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Apartotels, Apartments

Apartotel Costa Arenas  Pictures
Apartotel Girasol
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Bar, Hotel, Restaurant Claritas

Beach Rentals / Condos

Beach Rental Condo Bahía Azul
Beach Rental Condo Bahía Encantada
Beach Rental Condo Club del Sol  Pictures
Beach Rental Condo Monaco  Pictures
Beach Rental Condo The Palms
Beach Rental Condo Villa Nasua
Beach Rental Condo Villas del Mar  Pictures
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Cabins / Camping

Cabinas Alice  Pictures
Cabinas El Coral  Pictures
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Clinics, Hospitals, Health

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Disco, Dance

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Domestic Flights

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Firemen, Bomberos
Tourist Police
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Garages, Workshops

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Hostel La Casona
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Hotel Amapola  Pictures
Hotel Balcón del Mar  Pictures
Hotel Best Western Jacó Beach  Pictures
Hotel Canciones del Mar  Pictures
Hotel, Restaurant, Bar Claritas
Hotel Club del Cielo  Pictures
Hotel Club del Mar  Pictures
Hotel La Casona
Hotel Loft Pacífico  Pictures
Hotel Macaws Ocean Club
Hotel Mango Mar
Hotel Mar de Luz  Pictures
Hotel Morgan's Cove Resort and Casino  Pictures
Hotel Poseidon  Pictures
Hotel South Beach  Pictures
Hotel Villa Creole  Pictures
Hotel y Villas Tangerí  Pictures
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Google Map
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Massage, Yoga, Spa, Beauty, Fittness

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National Parks, Reserves, Organisations

Click on the conservation district for more information!
Costa Rica Conservation Districts Guanacaste Conservation District Huetar-North Conservation District Arenal Tilarán Conservation District Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation District Tempisque Conservation District Central Pacific Conservation District Friendship Conservation District Tortuguero Conservation District Frienship Conservation District Osa Conservation District Coco Island Conservation District

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Products and Services

Licorera Jaco 2643 3223
Panadería Pachi's Pan
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Real Estate

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Rent a Car

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Restaruante Aberdeen Angus Parrilla Argentina Steakhouse  Pictures
Restaurante Bonsai
Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Claritas
Restaurante Jacó Rústico
Restaurante Peccati Di Gola

Café Bohío 2643 5915
Cafe del Mar
Cafe Namaste 8539 4924
Café Panaderia Artesanal 2643-6413
Cafe Sonrisa Bella 26434514
Cafe The Coffee Shop 2643-3240 8814 0893

Pizzeria Pizza Bocha 2643-5431
Pizzeria Pizza Hut 2220-2959
Pizzeria Pizza Pata
Pizzeria Argentina La Escondida
Pizzeria The Pizza Shop 2643 2643

Restaurante Adventure Dining 8352 9419
Restaurante Amancio's Pizza Pasta & Drinks 2643-2373
Restaurante Amapola 2643-2255
Restaurante Arigato In Jaco 2643-1947
Restaurante Arrecife Marriott Hotel 2630-9000
Restaurante Bambú Asian food Sushi at Marina Village
Restaurante Beril Aquarius
Restaurante Blacks Beard at Morgans Cove 2643-3147
Restaurante Bowie's Point y Bar 26437013
Restaurante Breakers at Jaco Laguna Resort
Restaurante Burro Burrito · Mexican Food 2643-3811
Restaurante Casa Mafalda 2643-4513
Restaurante Champs Sport Bar & Grill 2643 2075
Restaurante Chinita Pacific, Bohio Street
Restaurante Cocal and Casino Dining Area 643-3067
Restaurante Delicias Caribenas de Mami Jacó 26436264
Restaurante El Galeon at Marina Village
Restaurante El Palmareno y Bar 26433346
Restaurante El Patio 26432450
Restaurante El Pelícano 2637-8910
Restaurante El Rancho De Julio
Restaurante El Recreo 26433012
Restaurante El Turno Madrigal 2643 3939
Restaurante Friki Tiki at Jaco Laguna Resort
Restaurante Global Chef Cuisine 1-800-319-3187
Restaurante Graffiti Restro, Cafe and Wine Bar 2643 1708
Restaurante Green Room 2643-4425
Restaurante GusTaco 6251 4699
Restaurante Gustaco 26434782
Restaurante Heladeria El Barco 2643 1119
Restaurante Hook Up at Marina Village Restaurante Hoyo 19 Marriott Hotel Jaco 2630-9000
Restaurante I Love Sushi 2643 3083
Restaurante Il Palio 26433314
Restaurante Isaga y Bar 26431412
Restaurante Jaco Blu Beach Club 2643 4372
Restaurante Jimmy T's Provisions 2637-8636
Restaurante Kaya Grill & Bar 2643 3153
Restaurante Kristen Cahill & Carlos Alfaro 2643 3406
Restaurante Dolce Vita at Marina Village 2630-4250
Restaurante La Esquina de Dulce 2643 4754
Restaurante La Fonte Seafood
Restaurante La Gambita 8347 2639
Restaurante Langostas 2643 3386
Restaurante La Perla Seafood & Steak House 2643 3326
Restaurante Las Pitaz (Pita, Humuss)
Restaurante Laterna at Marina Village
Restaurante La Vista Marriott Hotel Jaco 2630-9000
Restaurante Le Bistro
Restaurante Lemon Zest 2643-2591
Restaurante Los Amigos 2643-2961
Restaurante Los Sabores Ticos
Restaurante Malecon y Bar 2643 3916
Restaurante Marisqueria la Ostra
Restaurante Marsican Gelato Lounge
Restaurante Mary's Diner 2643 4265
Restaurante Ministry Of Music Cafe Vegetariano
Restaurante Mono Verde Bar & Grill 2643-6000
Restaurante Moose's ???
Restaurante Morales House 2643 4489
Restaurante Nirvana Bar Restaurante Nuevo Latino · Marriott Hotel 2630-9000
Restaurante Ocean Waves 705-812-0621
Restaurante Oz Bar& Hotel 2643 4265
Restaurante Pachi's Pan 2643 1153
Restaurante Panaderia Artesanal 2643 1153
Restaurante Paparazzi 2643 2517
Restaurante Papas and Burgers 2643 5251
Restaurante Pasta on the Road 87199587
Restaurante Paz Del Campo 88831594
Restaurante Pollo Express 2643-4242
Restaurante Pops Ice Cream 2643-1264
Restaurante Poseidon 2643 1642
Restaurante Puesta del Sol · Marriott Hotel 2630-9000
Restaurante Pura Vida 26434222
Restaurante Rancho Santana 2643-4234
Restaurante Rioasis 2643-3354
Restaurante Side Street Bistro 2643 2724
Restaurante Sunny 2643-4500
Restaurante Sunrise Breakfast 2643 3361
Restaurante Surf Dogs Bar, Casual Food 2643-3342 2643 3230
Restaurante Taco Joint
Restaurante Tacobar 2643-0222
Restaurante Tangerí, BBQ
Restaurante The Nine Restaurant
Restaurante The Point Beach Bar & Grill 2643 4513
Restaurante The Terrace Lounge at Marina Village 2630-4222
Restaurante The Wok 2643 6168
Restaurante Tsunami Sushi
Restaurante Vista Mar
Restaurante Wahoos & Bar 26431876
Restaurante Wok Hei Express 2643 1432

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Shops, Stores

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Soda A Cachete Express
Soda Garabito
Soda Jaco Rustico
Soda Jacó Rústico Calle Hicaco
Soda Marea Alta 26433554
Soda Milagro y Servicio a Domicilio de Gas 7244-3282
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Tour Operators

ARX 'An Xtreme Rider' Tours  Pictures
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