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La Fortuna Arenal

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About La Fortuna Arenal

La Fortuna is the name of a district and a small city located in San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Originally called "El Burío", La Fortuna was founded in the mid 1930s by settlers that came from Ciudad Quesada also called San Carlos, Grecia and, Alajuela and other parts of the region. In 1968, the Arenal Volcano erupted to the west, killing all in its path, including 82 people. The eruption did not touch the village of La Fortuna. This catastrophe, ... Read more

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More Information about San Carlos
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Adventure Tours

Alberto's Horses Tours
Rental of horses for people with experience and without experience. Tour to the waterfall of La Fortuna. Farm with turkeys, parrots, chicken, horses, and dogs.

Sonidos y Rocas del Arenal Tours
Arenal Canopy Tour, ATV tours, Sky Tram, Sky Trak, Horseback Riding, Waterfall, the Spring Spa, Baldi Hot Springs, Canyoneering, Caño Negro Boat tour, Hanging Bridges, Safari Float on the Peñas Blancas river, Cerro Chato hike, Arenal Lake Kayaking, Sport Fishing, Whitewater Rafting, Venado Caves and more.

Celeste River, Volcán Tenorio Nationa Park
See where two small streams of crystalline water come together and form the sky blue color that gives the river its name. You'll reach openings in the earth where we can take a mud bath, and dip in the hot springs.

Peñas Blancas River Float Safari
During the trip you'll have the opportunity to observe many different animals such as monkeys, sloth's, iguanas, tortoises, crocodiles and numerous bird species.

Arenal Lagoon Kayaking
On this trip you may observe different species of birds like the "Flycatcher", "Kingfisher", "Great Blue Heron" and "Anhinga" and may also possibly hear the Howler monkeys.

Sky Trek Arenal Rainforest
Actually two tours in one: First you take a silent ride up through giant trees of the rainforest, then it goes down in a zigzag form on a secure system of trails and zip lines.

Venado Caves
You'll get wet and muddy on this fascinating underground tour through a labyrinth of passages and chambers with interesting rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, bats, and spiders.

Sky Tram Arenal Rainforest
Duing the silent ride you will be able to observe and take pictures of the giant trees of the rainforest and its hanging gardens. You will realize how important it is to preserve this wonderful world of plants and animals.

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Apartotels, Apartments

Apartamentos los Cactus
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Banco Nacional Tel. +506 2645 5610
BAC Tel. +506 2479 8576
Banco de Costa Rica Tel. +506 2479 9113
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Cabins / Camping

Cabinas Las Palmas
Cabinas los Cactus
Cabinas Guayabo
Cabinas Hervi
Cabinas Las Palmas
Cabinas Loma Real del Arenal
Cabinas Orium
Cabinas Rolopz
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Clinics, Hospitals, Health

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Disco, Dance

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Domestic Flights

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Police station: 4279-9689
OIJ: 2460-0922
Highway patrol: 2460-1838
Fire station of San Carlos: 2460-0502
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Garages, Workshops

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Backpacker Hostel Prices: starting at $10.- in dorms
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Hotel Cabaña Rústica
Hotel Arenal Café Viena
Hotel Arenal Carmela
Hotel Arenal Country Inn
Hotel Arenal Green
Hotel Arenal Jardines
Hotel Arenal Jireh
Hotel Arenal Kioro
Hotel Arenal Manoa
Hotel Arenal Palace  Pictures
Hotel Arenal Paraíso
Hotel Arenal Rabfer
Hotel Arenal Rossi
Hotel Arenal Springs Resort
Hotel Arenal Vista Lodge
Hotel Arenal Volcano Inn
Hotel Cabañitas Resort and Spa
Hotel Campo Verde
Hotel Catarata Eco Lodge
Hotel Cataratas Resort
Hotel Dorothy  Pictures
Hotel Eco Arenal  Pictures
Hotel El Silencio del Campo
Hotel El Volcán
Hotel Erupciones Inn
Hotel Guacamaya
Hotel Kokoró
Hotel La Choza Inn
Hotel La Pradera del Arenal
Hotel Las Colinas Arenal
Hotel Lomas del Volcán
Hotel Los Lagos
Hotel Luigi's
Hotel Magic Mountain
Hotel Montaña de Fuego  Pictures
Hotel Monte Real  Pictures
Hotel Mountain Paradise
Hotel Oasis Eco Lodge
Hotel Observatory Lodge
Hotel Pura Vida
Hotel Regina
Hotel San Bosco
Hotel Sueño Dorado
Hotel Tabacón Resort
Hotel Tacotal
Hotel Vagabondo
Hotel Villa Fortuna  Pictures
Hotel Villas Vilma
Hotel Volcano Lodge
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Google Map
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Massage, Yoga, Spa, Beauty, Fittness

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National Parks, Reserves, Organisations

Arenal Conservation Area
Arenal Monteverde Protected Area
Click on the conservation district for more information!
Costa Rica Conservation Districts Guanacaste Conservation District Huetar-North Conservation District Arenal Tilarán Conservation District Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation District Tempisque Conservation District Central Pacific Conservation District Friendship Conservation District Tortuguero Conservation District Frienship Conservation District Osa Conservation District Coco Island Conservation District

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Products and Services

Centro Profesional de Belleza Serenity
Clinica Dental Dra. Patricia Pérez
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Real Estate

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Rent a Car

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Chef Fernando Restaurante
Bet-El Restaurante
Eco Lodge Lake Coter, Hotel Restaurant
El Tobogan Steak House
Los Lagos, Restaurant
Arenal Observatory Lodge, Hotel Restaurant
Los Lagos Hot Springs, Hotel Restaurant Thermal Pools
Patacón Pisaoo
Pizza Soda La Parada
Pollos La Familia Restaurante

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Shops, Stores

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Arenal Volcano by Night Hot Springs and Dinner
Enjoy the ten pools fed by hot springs and the incredibly beautiful tropical gardens of the Tabacón Resort before having a delicious dinner buffet.

Sky Tram Arenal Rainforest
Duing the silent ride you will be able to observe and take pictures of the giant trees of the rainforest and its hanging gardens. You will realize how important it is to preserve this wonderful world of plants and animals.

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