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Costa Rica has an immense variety of entertainment possibilities. Dozens of Museums, Jazz Bars, Concert Halls, Fiestas, Bullfights, Bungee Jumping, Bars, Casinos, and Restaurants specilized in food from any continent of this planet, nightlife activities and a great number of Casinos around the country from which to choose.

In addition to this, you can find some of the best Online Casinos and Sportsbooks with Life-Betting Odds, Life Game Reviews and Live Concerts. You will find very good local musicians in different locations, that will make you dance.

Richard Clayderman Concert in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will make you dance

Some of the music groups have been together for many years and are very popular in the Costa Rica Dance Scene.

Mariachis walk in and out of bars playing for a tip. There are literally dozens of places jammed together at The Pueblo, which is a sort of entertainment Mini-Town with Discos, Restaurants, Bars and Live Music. In Escaz˙ there are also several very popular Dance places.

Warning about Hookers and Prostitution!

In Costa Rica Prostitution is tolerated. To promote it is illegal. The actual Costa Rican Government makes big efforts to crack down on paedophiles. It doesn't support Sex Tourism to Costa Rica and we don't support it either.

Hookers, Prostitution, Night Clubs

Beach Parties

If you want to party on the beach there are a few places with the necessary infrasturucture. Active places on the beach with Restaurants, Bars, Discos and Casinos are Tamarindo, Jacˇ and Manuel Antonio.

Find everything in your Town, Village or Beach
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